Frequently asked questions

How do I enter to win prizes for the 15 Day Shoulder Challenge?

🦾 Sign up to enter! ONLY those who have paid for this challenge are eligible to WIN!
🦾 Follow me @ActionHiro on Instagram
🦾 Make your page public so I can keep track of your progress
🦾 IF you are uncomfortable with this, create a finsta (fake insta) just for the challenges because I am certain this will not be the last one you join!
🦾 Each day you will receive one drill video and post your progress IN FEED (if it's in IG stories it'll disappear in 24 hrs)
🦾 Tag @actionhiro in ALL posts
🦾 Remember to have FUN!
🦾 Winners will be announced on JAN 31, 2022 so be sure to be on the look out 👀

I did not complete the 15 day challenge can I still win the prizes?

ONLY those who have purchased and completed the challenge within the 15 days can win the prizes (see rules above) 
You can always play catch up if you fall behind in posting but all entries must be completed by January 30.

How long are the challenge videos?

Each challenge video varies, but the range is between 7-10 minutes per video

Is the challenge just for teachers?

Not at all! This challenge is for practitioners and teachers alike. The drills are accessible for EVERY level from beginner - advanced

This is the perfect program for you if:
• you have chronic shoulder tension
• you feel a little stuck in your practice,
• if you have an old shoulder injury, or
• if you want to build confidence in your shoulders, or
• bring more awareness into your practice/teaching.

How long will the challenge be available for?

You will have access to the challenge as long as I'm still teaching yoga! 😂
Once the video is released, it will stay up and I encourage you to revisit these videos well after the challenge is completed.

Are these course live or pre-recorded?

The challenge is all pre-recorded so you can take everything at your pace. IF you fall behind on the challenge, do not worry, do the best you can and you can always play catch up on the posting.

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