Frequently asked questions

How long is the BSY Hip Drills Program?

There are 7 videos worth of drills, you can complete these videos at your own pace and refer back to them when needed.

How long is the BSY Hips Training Module

As a guide, the BSY Hips Training Module was designed to be completed within 21 days but you can complete this at your own pace. Absolutely, zero rush! The program is here for you whenever you need it.

Are these programs just for teachers? 

Not at all! The programs are here for practitioners and teachers alike. These programs are accessible for EVERY level from beginner - advanced.

Body Smart Yoga is for you if:
• you have tension in your hips,
• you feel a little stuck in your practice,
• if you have an old hips or back injury, or
• if you want to build confidence in your practice
• bring more awareness into your practice/teaching.

How long are the programs available for?

You will have access to my programs for as long as I'm still teaching yoga! 😂

Are these course live or pre-recorded?

All of the programs available are all pre-recorded so you can practice and learn at your pace. 

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