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Hiro Landazuri, @actionhiro on Instagram, is an internationally renowned yoga teacher. Practicing yoga since 2002, Hiro had trained in various modalities and had acquired numerous injuries. He continued to practice as he pursued a career in heart transplant surgery. Though Hiro had a deep understanding and respect for the medical sciences, he wanted to heal the body in a different way.


Hiro left the medical field and began to pursue a new perspective of yoga. He developed  a type of yoga practice that would heal injury along with develop functional strength and flexibility while developing mental fortitude.


Incorporating his medical knowledge into his practice, Hiro teaches functional movements, not only healing the body, but challenging it in a way that promotes growth for the physical practice while also developing mindfulness. He now teaches his own style of yoga, BODY SMART YOGA, a practice for the body and mind.





Hiro's signature teaching style that promotes functionality over shapes. Fusing the traditions of the yoga practice with the latest research-backed understanding of the human experience: 

In mind, body and breath.


Body Smart Yoga: Hips
Training Program


10 Hour CEU Training

This program is for practitioners and teachers alike.

  • 7 Multi-level targeted drills

  • 7 Body Smart Yoga Flows, incorporating movements from the drills

  • 1 Master Class

  • 14 in-depth, easy-to-digest lectures.

  • Monthly payment plan available

  • Option to take a final exam for 10 CEUs through Yoga Alliance.


Hip Drills Only

Not ready to commit to the entire hips training program? Not to worry. These drills will help you learn, assess, and target your strengths and weaknesses.

  • 7 Drill classes targeting all functional hip movements

  • 1 Master class that combines all drill classes into a creative flow

  • Monthly payment plan available 

  • Not an option for CEU credits 

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Upcoming Festivals & Workshops

Namaste am See Festival
Date: October 8-10
Location: Wörthersee, Austria
Discount 10% OFF:

Yoga Games Festival
Date: October 22-24
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Discount 15% OFF:

London Workshop -  October 15-17, 2021
Details coming soon

Sweden Workshop -  October 29-31, 2021
Details coming soon


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