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Bangkok / 06.19

Manila / 06.19

Tokyo / 07.19

Vietnam / 07.19

Singapore / 07.19

Hong Kong / 07.19

Bali / 08.19

Germany / 09.19

Kuala Lumpur / 08.19

Austria / 09.19

Milan / 09.19

Vienna / 10.19

Lebanon / 10.19

Paris / 10.19

Abu Dhabi / 11.19

Dubai / 09.20

Singapore / 01.20

Doha / 02.20

Tel Aviv / 02.20

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Hiro started practicing yoga in 2002 while learning various styles of the asana practice. Hiro also studied Biochemistry in university and went on to a graduate medical program in medical pharmacology and cardiopulmonary perfusion. During that time, working in heart and kidney transplant surgical procurement along with open heart bypass surgery, he got to experience first hand part of the inner workings of the body. Throughout this career venture, yoga always was a consistent part of his life in teaching and practice.
After numerous injuries, some during the yoga practice and some outside, Hiro began to pursue a perspective to his love of the yoga practice that would minimize and heal injury along with develop functional strength and flexibility. After seeing tremendous transformations in his own practice and overall health, he applied those same principles to his students and started seeing the same results in his students.

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Hiro Landazuri

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